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Robert R. Holmes, PhD, June 1946

Robert Holmes (Jun 46)Bob’s interest in science, sparked at Taft, took him to IIT on a full scholarship, then on to Purdue University where he earned his PhD in chemistry.

He credits the good writing habits he developed at Taft for helping him with grant writing. He continued to receive uninterrupted funding from groups like the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health for his half century of research in the structure and properties of phosphorus and silicone, and the applications of phosphoryl transfer enzymes used by biochemists in carrying out reactions on a variety of new products.

Bob has authored numerous publications. As a tenured Professor of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts, he was honored with the 1997 ICMGC Award for Excellence in Main Group Chemistry Research.

In retirement, he pursues painting and world travel with his wife, Joan.