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Kay (Carlson) Kuciak, January 1963 and Thomas Kuciak, June 1962

Kay and Tom KuciakKay and Tom were a formidable team. In 1983, when Taft asked for volunteers to form a new alumni association, Kay arrived on the scene.  She established the organization and served for three decades as its president, while Tom was instrumental in developing the sizeable membership database.

The Taft Alumni Association has sponsored countless events including the 1985 dedication of the boys' gym in honor of Taft's first football coach, Joe Kupcinet, and Taft’s 1989 50th Anniversary. It has supplied volunteer leadership for Taft’s drama program and donated special gifts including a new school sign, trophy cases, new computers, and a generous annual scholarship program.

Kay devoted thousands of hours supporting the association while Tom provided his computer expertise.  Both were described as “friend to all” in their yearbooks.

Tom died in 2010 and Kay died in 2014.