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Reid H. Lewis Name, BA, January 1958

Reid Lewis (Jan 58)After graduation, Reid headed to the University of Illinois, took a BA in French, and then continued his studies in California and France. He became a teacher of French.

Reid headed two modern day expeditions in the 1970s to reenact the explorations of Frenchmen Louis Jolliet and Fr. Jacques Marquette (playing Jolliet) and Robert Cavalier Sieur de la Salle (as LaSalle), the first white men to visit the Chicago area. He gives special credit to his brother, Ken, who was a member of both expeditions, his parents, Perry and Berniece, and his wife Janice who was the LaSalle II expedition's liaison with some 500 communities along the voyageurs' 1976-77 canoe route from Montreal to the Gulf of Mexico.

More than three decades later, Lewis continues to give presentations to schools and corporations, inspiring new generations to realize that ordinary citizens can live out their dreams too. He says, "We've got to believe, and once we believe - take the step."