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Richard C. Lindberg, 1971

Rich Lindberg (1971)Since 1977, Rich has worked as a newspaper reporter, a store manager, news editor and public relations writer, but he loves to write about his passions: the Chicago White Sox and Chicago history.

A North Side White Sox fan, he is recognized as team historian with his books including "Stealing First in a Two-Team Town" and "The White Sox Encyclopedia.“

In authoring more than a dozen books he has also focused on crime and corruption in Chicago’s past, including "Return to the Scene of the Crime" and its sequel "Return Again to the Scene of the Crime," which are guides to the "infamous" places in Chicago. He and fellow Hall of Famer, Gloria Sykes, co-authored a book on the Schuessler-Peterson murders.

Rich has also been featured on numerous TV and radio productions including History's Mysteries, Cities of the Underworld, Justice Files, American Justice, and Masterminds.