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Rear Adm. Larry R. Marsh, June 1959

Larry Marsh (Jun 59)Larry graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1963 with a class rank of 8/887. He served as executive assistant to the director of Naval Warfare at the Pentagon, Commander of Submarine Squadron 2 in New London, CT, and was chief of staff to the commander of the U.S. Atlantic submarine fleet.

He was promoted to Rear Admiral (lower half) in 1988 and 1992 (upper half). He served two years as director of the Office of Program Appraisal in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy. In 1994, he became Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel for Personal Readiness and Community Support. He also served as Director, Personal Readiness/ Community Support, Bureau of Naval Personnel and Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel; Commander, Navy Personnel Command before his retirement in 1998.

Larry has become President and CEO of The George and Carol Olmsted Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers educational grants to competitively selected career line officers from the four branches of the U.S. military.