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Patricia (Ryan) Michalski, June 1950

Patricia Michalski (Jun 50)When Patricia left Taft, she entered a traditional role of housewife and mother. However, she returned to school, graduating from Wright College in 1972.
Patricia and husband, Harry Michalski, had three children, but also chose to adopt three biracial babies. Active in the Christian Family Movement, they participated in Mission Vacations with Native American communities, and over the years hosted several hundred international students.

She believed it important that her extended family have connections with their cultural heritages so she developed a list of ethnic organizational contacts in the Chicago area which led to a job in Mayor Harold Washington’s press office. She became ethnic liaison for three mayors, Secretary of State and Gov. Jim Edgar, Gov. George Ryan and Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas.

Patricia has been recognized with more than 65 awards and honors.