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Robert M. Miller, June 1955

Robert Miller (Jun 55)Bob got his start in the news business in grade school when he turned photography lessons from a neighbor into cash by taking pictures after a fire at his grade school. He followed that with taking pictures for the Taft Tribune, and for the Aerie, Taft’s first official yearbook. As a kid who turned up for the Resurrection Medical Center ground-breaking ceremonies, he got a lifetime of work from the Sisters of the Resurrection.

After college he began his own business, Miller Photography, locating his family and photography studio in the center of the Edison-Norwood Park area.

He was seldom without a camera in hand, and earned many honors for his work. With an eye for detail and composition, a creative and sometimes whimsical spirit, Bob brought the same quality to his work, whether shooting news, commercial jobs or family weddings and portraits. His generous service assisted the Taft Alumni Association, especially at the time of the school’s 50th anniversary.