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Nancy L. (Noble) Zorick, June 1964

Nancy Zorick (Jun 64)Classes in drama and art at Taft led Nancy to her post-graduation careers.  She set aside plans to be a commercial artist, when she got a job in a dinner theater show and went into acting instead.

Parts in Chicago plays led to a move to California where she appeared in "Jackson County Jail," with Tommy Lee Jones and its sequel, "Outside Chance," in other films and on television in "The Young and the Restless" and "A.E.S. Hudson Street."

Volunteer work put her in touch with Mike Zorick, a blind athlete looking for a reader. She also accompanied him when he went running to train for the national trials as a blind Greco-Roman wrestler.

Working again as an artist, Nancy teaches, paints in oils and makes porcelain dolls. She is writing and illustrating children's books and has illustrated her husband Mike's autobiography. She was included in the 2000-01 edition of "Who's Who Among American Women."